The Bridesmaids

Tiffani, Maid of Honor, Center

About Tiffani 

Where do I even begin to explain how wonderful Tiffani is?  I have the best sister ever; however, 20 years ago I did not have that opinion.  Tiffani and I are only 18 months apart, so growing up one minute we were friends and the next minute worst enemies.  I remember people would say “oh you’ll be best friends when you grow up! !”  I would just think they were out of their minds!   I must admit, they all were right!   My relationship with Tiffani is irreplaceable, I can freely voice my opinion, get crabby, and still be loved!   I’m so blessed to have such an amazing sister.  I must admit that I’ve always been slightly jealous of her, she is so beautiful inside and out.  Aside from being extremely beautiful she is hysterically funny, extremely artistic/creative/crafty, and very generous.  

Amy, The Bride, right

Sherry, Bridesmaid left

About Sherry (friend since high school)

Sherry and I were locker neighbors all of high school, yet we didn’t become close until senior year.  After high school we have only grown closer.  I only wish that we had been closer sooner because she is such a wonderful friend to have.  Sherry is always there for me, even though she is one of the busiest people I know!  Because she is so busy she always knows of the posh hang-outs and best places to eat.  She is very easy to talk to; we can easily talk for over an hour at a time.  Also, Sherry is sweet, caring, and fun.

Jamie, Matron of Honor, and Amy, in St. Thomas, Hans Lollik in the background

About Jamie (friend since middle school)

In the sixth grade my only memory of Jamie was calling each other names and threatening to get our older siblings to beat one another up. Now she is my Matron of Honor???  Well neither one of us remembers why we disliked each other but it is no mystery how we have remained such closes friends… Jamie is fun to be around, caring, charismatic, trustworthy, and always there for you when you need her, just to mention a few of her wonderful traits. Jamie and I have always been in sync with one another. When it comes time to get together we always want to do the same thing whether it be a night out on the town or staying in and just watching a movie. When I called Jamie to tell her I was engaged she already knew I was engaged without anyone telling her!

Megan, Bridesmaid

About Megan (friend since College)

I met Megan through Amy.  Megan was Amy’s neighbor and also a dietetics student. Megan needed a roommate and so did I.  So our friendship was a perfect match from the beginning!   I remember being extremely impressed with Megan after getting to know her.  She also runs 5 miles day, canoes, kayaks, swims, and cross-country skis in the winter.  Aside from being extremely active Megan is also extremely sweet, caring, never gets mad (or at least I couldn’t imagine), is also a great listener. 

Amy, Bridesmaid

About Amy (friend since college)

I first remember seeing Amy at college orientation for dietetics majors.  I thought she looks like a nice girl; smiley, smart and studious, maybe I should introduce myself to her but I wasn’t feeling outgoing that day so I didn’t.  A few months later in a microbiology lab I was very confused and I noticed that same smart, studious girl so I asked for her help.  We became instant friends because Amy is so easy to talk to, she is a great listener, and she just gets me!  Amy always amazes me, as I got to know her I started to think she was super woman. She ran 5 miles nearly every morning, always had her schoolwork done in advance, read what seemed to be a book every week, and was always cooking and baking. Sorry single men, Amy is married.

Juliana, Bridesmaid

About Juliana (friend since college)

I met Juliana through Megan and the next year we all became roommates!   If there is one person that could make me laugh it is Juliana.  She doesn’t even have to say a word. We could just look at each other and start laughing. Juliana and I have grown even closer after college.  We talk frequently on the phone and she is always keeping my spirits up when I’m coming down with island fever.  Juliana always has such a positive attitude and outlook on life.  She is the type of person who makes you feel energetic after talking with her.

Kelly, Personal Attendant

About Kelly (friend since middle school)

Kelly and I met in the bathroom in 7th grade.  Kelly was new to the school so I introduced myself and we’ve been inseparable ever since.  Meeting Kelly in the bathroom is very appropriate because Kelly is my most charismatic and whimsical friend.  I have a million Kelly stories to tell but I will just tell one. At a festival in Milwaukee a few years back Kelly was using a porta-poddy (outhouse type bathroom) and her boyfriend at the time thought it would be fun to “shake” things up a little bit.  He started shaking the porta-poddy Kelly was in and her purse just happened fall in!  Yes, her boyfriend went down in the porta-poddy to fetch the toxic purse.