Amy's Family
Seated: niece, Lexie; sister, Tiffani; mother, Stacie

Standing: Tiffani's fiance: Josh, Justin, Amy and brother, Brian

Brian Dolk,
Amy's older brother
Amy's older sister
Amy with Her Dad
John Dolk,
Amy's father
Lexie, Amy's neice who loves to do art. Alexis is Tiffani's daughter
Grandfather, "Papou" with Amy

Mother's late father--our Greek heritage

Uncle George in Center, Amy, Lexie and Stacie
Aunt Pat and Uncle George enjoy Starbucks
Grandmother Yia Yia
Thanksgiving 2004

Uncle Dave, Amy, Leslie, Lexie, Tiffani,Josh, Stacie(Amy's Mom), Aunt Sue

Josh, Stacie, Aunt Sue, Aunt Pat
Aly, Uncle Dave and Amy